Often times it takes one to come outside of themselves for just a moment to lend a helping hand to others that are in need the passing down of blessings that we have been so fortunate to receive down to others “A Village” a key component to wellness so there are so many families in need of help and Hands 4 Angels will become a part of that village to do our part in supporting those in need. I personally knows what it is like to not have that component when my kids were growing up you feel alone you feel like no one cares especially when you are caring and giving all of your time into the care and well being of your child. It’s a wonderful feeling to be thought of by your neighbor or for someone to to just step in and say hey is everything ok do you need any help today with anything to take that load off that’s where the wellness comes in I believe just some food for thought please feel feee to comment your thoughts or suggestions on how can we grow our village and keep it going strong?