1Peter 4:10

Each of you should use whatever gift you have received to serve others,as faithful stewards of God’s grace in its various forms.


My Story

Me and Bre

Hands 4 Angels(H4A) is a business that I have started up for all children/adults including those with disabilities. They are special need angels(SNA). My desired goal is to open up a mobile hair and nail salon within my community for every person  to have an accommodating, and pampering experience in their homes.And then eventually open up a salon. However, first there is the need to increase awareness within and outside my community. The problems I see is the need of inclusion with our SNA’s they are people too! they deserve all the enjoyments and experiences in life as we all do.


This is personal for me because I am a mother of a child who has OstegenesisImperfect (OI). OI is a genetic disorder that mainly affects the bones characterized by bones that break easily, often from little or no apparent cause. I know the challenges and struggles a parent faces. Hands 4 Angels wants to give support for families while also integrating them in the community with others. Teaching compassion,humility and love because a lot of people don’t understand how to interact with others who have disabilities due to the lack of exposure to them. It’s as if the disabled are hidden. SNA’s are not accommodated for events appropriately , no accessibility to community stores, banks or even hair and nail shops here in my community and I’m pretty sure there are similar issues globally. So, please feel free to share my page as well as express any concerns you may have in your area or any suggestions all are welcomed. Collectively we can make a change. Blessings to you all❤️

Our Mission & Vision

Our endeavor is to assist families and individuals to improve the quality of their lives, and promote positive change within the community by providing effective proactive resources and advocay, participating in partnerships that folster the development of our community and help to build it up.


We envision our community working together to ensure that ALL people are able to reach their full potential and experience all the joys life has to offer.


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I love it here. I love everything about this cause and would like to participate in any way I can.

16.04.2018 20:02

Lea Bishop

What a great group. Everyone deserves to feel special and to feel that they look their best. Keep up the wonderful work!

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Playboii Joey


11.02.2018 21:53

Kimberly Patterson

This is nice and it will help people to feel good about themselves and feel respect and show ever body matters I give this the Stamp of okay .👑

31.01.2018 04:12

James Webb

Wishing God's blessings upon you and your worthy endeavor both now and always

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Thank you guys❤️

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Dominique L

I love this! Such a beautiful page! ❤️

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Beautiful ❤️ -

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Beautiful love it